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Most of our plants are grown in deep 4.5 inch pots (approx. 1 qt.). Some are grown in deep 3 inch or 2.5 inch pots. Most of our plants are shipped out of the pot, with the loose soil removed and the root ball wrapped in moist paper and/or plastic (depending on the plant).  Some of our plants are shipped in the pot. With 25 years of experience in the business and thousands of plants shipped, we have very good knowledge of which plants do just fine shipping without a pot and which do not.  The pot size and shipping method are stated at the end of each plant description in the catalog.


We ship our plants within the United States via USPS Priority Mail. Some larger orders of specimen sized plants will ship via Fed Ex Ground.


For foreign orders the following charges apply: A $200 minimum purchase is required.The cost of the plants, a $100 USDA phytosanitary certificate fee, a $5 per plant handling fee, and the actual weight-based shipping charges.  We normally ship overseas via USPS Priority or Express International.

International shipments must be paid with a credit card, not Paypal. Your card will be charged the $100 phytosanitary cert. fee at the time of your order.   If you cancel your order after the USDA inspection and certification, the $100 phytosanitary fee is not refundable.  The remainder of your order and the actual shipping charges will be charged to your card when your order is ready to ship.

You are responsible for any additional unpaid dues or taxes on your end.  We are not responsible for any delay or problems in transit or with customs and orders will not be refunded if such problems arise.  If you have a legitimate problem with your order once it arrives, ie: plant type or quantity is incorrect, please let us know immediately.  We will correct any problem with the contents of the order or packing that originated in our nursery.

It is your responsibility to check with your country's Ministry of Agriculture to verify that there is nothing in your order that is prohibited or requires an import permit.


It is not possible to send a care sheet for each individual plant that we grow. Most of the information that you need to know about growing a plant or it's hardiness for your particular area can be found in the descriptions with each plant in the catalog. If, after reading the catalog description, you still have questions please feel free to contact us with any specific cultural questions that you may have.


We are plant lovers, just like you. Your satisfaction with your order and the plants that you receive is our primary concern. We guarantee our plants to be true to the description, healthy and free from disease or major shipping damage when they arrive (PLEASE NOTE: Although uncommon, the occasional bent or broken leaf tip is unavoidable and does not qualify as damage that requires refund or replacement). We pride ourselves on our packing and shipping and get testimonials from customers about the excellent condition of the plants upon arrival.

Unfortunately we have no control over climate, critters, or a particular persons growing abilities once the plants leave our care. If there is a problem with your order upon arrival, please contact us within 5 days of receiving your order and we will be more than happy to correct the problem. Outside of the 5 day period,  a problem with a living plant that may have been corrected becomes a problem that is beyond our ability to fix and out of the range of our responsibility. However, if the problem has to do with a cultural or packing mistake that doesn't show up until later (flower color/variety is not what you ordered or a dormant plant fails to emerge)  then we will honor our guarantee past the 5 day period. We are happy to correct any problem that is our fault, however we cannot be liable for more than the actual purchase price of the plant or plants in question.

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