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Aloe arenicola - This fantastic Aloe, native to the sandy coastal plains of South Africa, is difficult to find for sale as a potted plant.  Produces a colony of long creeping stems that run along the ground, up to 3-4 feet or more.  The more mature, flowering rosettes stand more upright and produce stems of capitate orange flowers.  This Aloe is often seen in collections, where it is grown in too little light and is stretched and pale colored.  In full sun, with drier conditions, the leaves are thicker and the internodes much shorter. The leaves are a beautiful blue, with white spots, that flush rich purple.


Full sun,sandy well drained soil and only occasional water

Hardy to approx. 25 degrees F.  with some protection.  

USDA zones 9b-13b

Pot size 3.5 inch


Aloe arenicola. (Sand Aloe)

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