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Cryptocereus anthonyanus- An epiphytic cactus that has fantastic,serrated leaves that look like some sort of prehistoric, succulent fern! Very easy to grow in hanging baskets where it makes a beautiful, cascading specimen. Grown mainly for it's amazing foliage, it does produce gorgeous scented, flowers in March-April that open for a single night.

In nature, this plant is an Epiphyte, growing in trees.

Prefers bright shade to filtered light with a very porous soil. We grow ours in equal parts peat or coco fiber mix, perlite (and/or pumice) and orchid bark.

A fantastic houseplant!


Summer: Let soil dry a couple of inches down, before watering

Winter:  Keep plant on the dry side, with only occasional water to allow a rest period


Hardy to approx 32-35 degrees (Prefers temps. to stay 40 degrees F. or above)

USDA zones 10a

POT SIZE: 4 inch



Cryptocereus anthonyanus (Ric-Rack or Zigzag Cactus) Fragrant night bloomer

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