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Opuntia violacea 'Santa Rita'-   This gorgeous purple Prickly Pear is native to Texas, Northern Mexico and Arizona.  Beautiful round pads are glaucous blue in winter  turning purple/red in hot dry weather. New growth is a beautiful, mahogany-purple.  Grows 3-5 feet high and wide with beautiful yellow flowers that are a knockout against the purple pads!  


Full sun with well-drained soil and very little to no supplemental irrigation.  However, it will look it's best if given a touch of irrigation during very dry periods.  

Very heat tolerant and hardy to approx. 0 degrees F.  USDA zones 7a-13b

Pot size 5 inch.  Most are a fully rooted, single mature pad with new growth.


Gorgeous Opuntia violacea var. Santa Rita cactus