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A beautiful epiphytic cactus with narrow stems, to 24 inches long, with white tufts of hair at the nodes.  Under ideal conditions (bright shade) it will be green with maroon margins.  Give it higher light and keep it on the dry side, and it will turn a brilliant magenta color.  Will eventually produce small pink flowers along the stem.  Great in a hanging basket or a wall planter!

Does not like frost.  However, it will survive temps to approx. 32-35 degrees F. , with some leaf spotting.  


Does great in a mix of equal part of peat or cocoa fiber, perlite and orchid bark.

Water when the soil begins to dry

USDA Zones 10b-13b

Pot size: 4 inch


NOTE: The plant you receive may not be as red as the photo of the parent plant.  Our younger plants are grown in partial shade. Rest assured that your plant will turn red with higher light and drier conditions. 

Lepismium cruciforme

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