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Steve Super Gardens is located on the majestic Central Coast of California. Our mediterranean climate, ocean fog and mild Summers allow us to cultivate the finest and rarest plants species.

Take a stroll through our virtual garden, the finest plants await you…


Gorgeous architectural elements in the garden, Agave’s are drought tolerant with beautiful color and leaf form.


Aloe species and hybrids vary greatly in leaf form and color. Fantastic bloomers, aloes are a drought tolorant addition to the garden that act as a magnet to hummingbirds!


A selection of rare Bromeliads Ochagavia, Fascicularia and other that will add a touch of the exotic to your garden.


Cactus plants provides a splash of color with beautiful blooms in hot, difficult growing areas.

Drought Tolorant

A feast of beautiful plants for your xeric garden. Specifically chosen for their drought tolerance.


Dycklas are terrestrial Bromeliads. We carry mainly Dyckia hybrids with amazing leaf colors and teeth.


We carry a great selection of rare and unusual perennials, as well as many popular favorites.


Puya are terrestrial Bromeliads, native to south and Central America. Rugged, drought tolerant plants with unbelievable flower spikes!


Yucca provides beautiful form and color in both leaves and flowers. A fantastic plant for hot, difficult growing areas.

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Use the chart below to find your planting zone and help you to choose the correct plants to grow your amazing garden.

"The earth laughs in flowers". Ralph Waldo Emerson
We list USDA hardiness zones for each plant in our catalog.  However, USDA zones are a bit vague and too general for areas like the coast which have many micro climates. For this reason, we also list the cold hardiness limits for each plant by actual temperature.

For more information about planting zones follow this link for a interactive zoning map from United States Department of Agriculture

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