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We ship all of our domestic orders via USPS Priority Mail.  

Heat Packs

We do not use heat packs.  We ship year-round. Our shipments are packed very well and our boxes are well marked.  We have never had a problem with a plant being damaged by the cold.  You will receive a tracking number with your shipment that you can use to watch the progress of your shipment and know exactly which day it will be delivered.  If the weather is extreme (hot or cold) please plan to have someone at the delivery location to accept the package so that it does not get left outside for any amount of time.


Local Order Pick-Up
If you will be in our area or live close to our Los Osos location, you can make an appointment to
pick up your order at our growing area by contacting us. When you place your online order, click the box for
local pickup (on the shopping cart page) We will contact you to schedule a time and date to pick
up your order.


International Shipments
International shipments require a phytosanitary certificate, issued by the USDA, and possibly an
import permit from your country's Ministry of Agriculture. The shipping date of your order
depends on the schedule of the plant inspector who issues the phyto. certificate. Unless there is
an error on our part, we do not replace or refund plants that are damaged or die, due to transit
delays, weather, or customs delays. The minimum purchase requirement for international orders is

NOTE: Please contact your country's Ministry of Agriculture to see if an import permit is
required for any plants in your order. If your country requires an import permit, you must
submit the original document, in English. Photocopies are not acceptable.

The fees for International orders are as follows:
The actual price of the plants, a $100 phytosanitary certificate fee, the actual postal service
shipping charges, and a handling fee of $5 per plant. Please contact us with your order and we
will give you a quote for the total amount due, including phyto. certificate and shipping.

Once the phytosanitary certificate is issued, the $100 certificate fee is non-refundable. Orders
canceled after the plants have been bare-rooted and cleaned are not eligible for handling fee
refund. In addition, there will be an additional $4 per plant restocking fee. Order deliveries that
are refused due to unpaid customs duties or taxes, transit delays or customs hold delays will not
be refunded.
If there is a problem, once your order has been unpacked (missing plants, incorrect plants sent),
please contact us and we can assist you. Minor damage to leaf tips or issues from temperature
or rough handling are normal risks of shipments that spend several days in transit and are not
considered problems that we are expected to correct or refund for. We pack our shipments
very well to prevent these types of issues and they are extremely rare.


$100 Phytosanitary Certificate fee

$250 Minimum plant order
$4 per plant handling fee
Actual shipping charges (weight based)


The SSG Guarantee:
If you have an issue with your order, please contact us within 5 days of the order delivery.
Please include a photo of the plant(s) as they were when they were delivered. This will help us
to assess the problem and advise accordingly. A broken or bent leaf tip or leaf, is not basis for a
refund or replacement (unless the damage is severe enough that it compromises the plant's
health). We take pride in our packing and shipping, it is one of the main things that we receive
stellar reviews about.


A lot can happen to a plant in the first few days after it arrives at its new home. After 5 days a
plant that could have been saved or an issue that could have easily been corrected becomes an
issue that is beyond the extent of our responsibility and ability to correct.
We cannot be responsible for losses or damage caused by:
Animals (either domestic or wild), insects, or other pests
Failing to provide proper cultural care for your plant (soil, watering, planting location, etc.)
Ordering a plant that is not appropriate for your growing zone. We know you are plant nuts just
like us, and you are willing to experiment with growing plants from outside of your climate zone.
However, the risks are yours, as far as the survival of the plant goes. The proper growing zones
and cultural information are shown with the catalog description of each plant.


Refunds and Replacements:
If an issue warrants a refund or replacement, we try our best to give you the option of which
you would prefer. However, replacements will depend on the current stock availability.
Refunds may take a few days to process, depending on your method of payment.

Steve Super Gardens is only responsible for the actual cost of the plants and shipping charges

that you paid with your original order.

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