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A gorgeous epiphytic, or sometimes terrestrial, Bromeliad.  Grows 12-15 inches high with stiff, recurved leaves, which form a compact, upright vase shape. Leaves are light green in shade and bright gold/orange in bright light to full sun.  In spring-summer, as the plant is about to flower, The leaves flush a brilliant, glossy, ruby red.  The inflorescence is a beautiful, compact head of red bracts with bright lavender-pink blossoms.  A mature clump of plants is a show stopper!  Can be grown as a houseplant, with good light. EASY TO GROW.


Full sun (in milder climates) to bright, filtered light.   

Can be grown in the ground, in very well-drained soil.  also does great as a potted plant, in orchid mix, or grown as an epiphyte.

Quite drought tolerant but will look it's best and grow fastest with occasional to regular water. 

Hardy to approx. 20-25 degrees F.

USDA Zones 9a-13b

Pot size deep 4 inch (very nice plants)


Aechmea recurvata

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