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Aechmea triangularis-  A gorgeous and hard to find Bromeliad species from Brazil.  Stout upright plants with chartreuse-gold leaves in high light and darker green leaves in shade, with hard black marginal spines. Makes a nice clump 12-20 inches high by at least as wide.  In spring, prior to flowering, the leaves fold back to form a triangular shape and are flushed with dark red.  The flower spike emerges with dark pink bracts along the stem and a tight, cone-like flower head of fuzzy silvery-white with dark blue flowers.  An absolute knockout! 


Bright light (full sun in very mild climates) to part shade.  Well-drained soil, very drought tolerant but will look its best with occasional water.  Enjoys fresh water in the center cup of the plant, when watering.  


Quite cold tolerant,  supposedly able to take short durations of 18-20 degrees F.  with very little damage.  We would definitely suggest covering it to protect it at these temps. or anything below freezing just to be sure and avoid any leaf damage.  

USDA zones 9a-13b

Pot size: 5 inch



Aechmea triangularis-

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