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Aeonium 'Octo Ink'- An amazing new hybrid, from Steve Super.   Massive rosettes, 1.5 - 2 ft. across with wavy leaves that are very dark black in summer and  dark purple and green in winter.  Rosettes are held atop thick 2-3 ft stalks.  Absolutely breathtaking!

Prefers full sun in milder areas and a little shade in warmer areas.  Aeonium  aren't fond of hot summer climates and this one will display its best color with full sun.  This is a winter growing plant that will be semi-dormant in the summer when it will drop some of the lower leaves and the rosettes will become tighter and smaller.   Prefers deep, infrequent to occasional watering in winter, keep on the dry side in summer, during it's dormant period.  If it gets too much water or fertilizer (in an attemp to force it to grow) in hot summer temperatures, the plant will often shut down and die.


Well-drained soil.

Protect from frost.  This one will withstand some light freeze but the stems will freeze at about 28 degrees F.  

USDA Zones 10b-13b

Pot size 4 inch


Aeonium 'Octo Ink' (Steve Super hybrid) Massive rosettes of wavy, black leaves

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