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Aloe brevifolia - A beautiful South African Aloe that produces rosettes of gray-blue leaves that build up on each other to form a colony about 6-12 inches tall by 12-24 inches wide. Leaves are margined with white teeth.  In the late spring appear spikes of orange-scarlet flowers.  In habitat, Aloe brevifolia form can be variable.  More commonly, this Aloe is smaller in form with thinner, more numerous leaves.  This form is bit larger, wider leaf. A fantastic, compact blue colored Aloe for the succulent border or small scale ground cover.  Can also be used in a mixed succulent pot.


Best in full sun to very bright shade. Well-drained soil. Very drought tolerant but will look its best with occasional water, especially if grown in a pot.

Hardy to about 25-30 degrees F.

USDA  zones 9a-13b

Pot size: 4 inch




Aloe brevifolia-Wide leaf form

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