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A fantastic, fast growing tree Aloe.  Grows 7-9 feet normally but can grow to  25 feet. Trunks are bare on the lower part with a skirt of dried, older leaves held around the top part.  The trunk on this Aloe usually does better if it is staked to keep it from being damaged in strong wind.  Leaves are 3-4 inches wide and up to 27 inches long, very thick and recurved with hard,  sharp red teeth on the margins.  Produces fantastic candelabra-form  inflorescences with many cylidrical racemes of bright golden-orange buds that open to brilliant orange-red flowers.  When the flowers are completely open, the entire raceme looks like a huge, fuzzy cone of fire!
This Aloe  normally has only a single trunk.  The selection that we sell is multi-trunking and produces many offsets. 


Full Sun with well-drained soil and little water.  

Hardy to aprox. 25 degrees F.

USDA zones 9b-13a

Pot size: 1 Qt.


Aloe rupestris. Beautiful tree Aloe.

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