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Billbergia buchholzi- A stunning  bromeliad  with upright green leaves that are heavily  marbled with frosty stripes.  In late summer,  arching spikes are produced with huge red bracts and indigo blue flowers that have bright yellow stamens.  The color combination is breathtaking! 
Grows 15-20 inches high, clumping to  2.5 or more feet across. 


Very bright filtered light to shade.  Blooming is best with high light.  Rich, well-drained soil or terrestrial orchid mix. Occasional to regular water. Will appreciate more water in hot weather. When watering, fill the cups in the center of the crowns.  

Hardy to approx. 25 degrees with some cover. USDA zones 9b-13b
Pot size- 1Qt. 


Billbergia buchholzi. Gorgeous bromeliad!

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