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 A GORGEOUS and very easy to grow Bromeliad!  Forms clumps of upright, 2 foot tall rosettes with leaves that are solid creamy gold which will flush with pink if grown in high light!    The amazing leaf color is only half of what this plant has to offer.  Arching flower stalks with large, pink bracts hold flowers that have recurved, chartreuse gold petals edged with metalic blue!  Absolutely stunning! Can be grown as an epiphyte or terrestrial in rich organic soil.  Makes an easy and beautiful houseplant for bright light!


Prefers part sun in mild climates to shade and well drained soil that is rich in organic material.  This Bromeliad is surprisingly drought tolerant and will take only occasional water when grown in soil and established.  Likes to have the center cups filled when watered.  Reliably hardy to 30-32 degrees F. but will tolerate short durations of much lower temps but you will want to cover it to prevent any leaf burn.  

USDA zones 10a-13b

Pot size: 5 inch


Billbergia nutans 'Blondie' (Golden Queen's Tears Bromeliad)

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