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A fantastic Billbergia species with breathtaking flowers!  Upright, tubular vase-shape growing to 3-4 feet high.  Leaves are rich brown in high light or green in shade, with beautiful silver banding.  The fantastic pendulous inflorescence is huge, with bright pink bracts, chartreuse petals that coil back tightly and fuzzy white ovaries.  A striking statement in the ground, can be kept on the smaller side if grown in a pot.  A must-have for any Bromeliad collection.


Bright filtered sun to shade

Rich, very loose soil.  Orchid mix with bark works great

Water, by filling the center cups, approx 1-2 times per week in summer.  Keep on the drier side in Winter.

Hardy to approx. 29-30 degrees (for short periods, with cover to protect the leaves) .  Howecer, best kept from frost or freezing temps. to keep it looking good.

Pot size:  2.5 inch


Billbergia rosea

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