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A beautiful trailing succulent, native to South Africa.  Bright pink-red stems with thick, glaucous teal leaves, margined in lighter, translucent green.   Absolutely fantastic in a hanging pot or trailing over the side of a mixed planter.  Bright pink flowers are just icing on the cake!  Can be grown as a houseplant in winter, in cold climates.  These are not imports, they are California grown.


Full sun in milder climates to bright shade, in hot areas.

Well-drained soil.  Can take more water in cooler seasons, allow to dry a bit, between waterings, in summer.

Hardy to approx. 20-25 degrees F. with cover

USDA zones 9a-13b

Pot size:  3 inch

Shipped in the pot

Braunsia maximiliani (Echinus maximiliani)

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