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Hybrid Dyckia 'Yeti'-  A gorgeous Dyckia hybrid, heavy on the 'Gran Marnier' parentage, but much thicker, more frosty and a bit larger.  Very thick, super frosty white leaves with unbelievable teeth! Photos do not do it justice.   In mid to late spring 2 to 3 foot spikes of brilliant orange flowers are produced.  This one will quickly become a favorite in a Dyckia collection! 

Full sun, well drained soil and little irrigation.  Hardy to 15-20 degrees F.  Sale plants are just like the ones in the photos.  They are in 4 inch pot and will be shipped IN THE POT via Priority Mail.



Full sun (in milder climates) to bright, filtered light.   

Can be grown in the ground, in very well-drained soil.  also does great as a potted plant.

Quite drought tolerant in the ground, but will look it's best and grow fastest with occasional water. Will prefer more water, when grown as a potted specimen.

Hardy to approx. 20-25 degrees F.

USDA Zones 9a-13b

Pot size 3.5 inch (very nice plants)


Dyckia 'Yeti' AMAZING TEETH!

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