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Epipyllum 'Ocean Sunset'- Breathtaking, huge flowers!   Inner petals have dark red centers flaring out to a wide, glowing fuchsia border.  Back petals are darker red.   Another One of my all time favorites.  This is one that you won't be able to stop staring at. 

Epiphyllum species grow in trees in the forests of Central America and South America and prefer bright, filtered light and well drained, potting mix.  They will grow in pots with stakes or supports but most do best in hanging baskets.  One of the very best locations for Epis is hanging from the branches of a favorite garden tree in the summer. We Use a potting mix of equal parts of small orchid bark, perlite, leaf mold and charcoal.  Different growers us different mixes.  If you can't find leaf mold, you can