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Fascicularia bicolor-  An incredible and rarely seen terrestrial Bromeliad that is native to Chile.  Produces rosettes of thin, 12-20 inch recurving leaves that have marginal spines.  In the fall (approx. late Sept- October here) the central leaves turn a brilliant red to signal the emergence of a fantastic cluster of bright, sky blue blossoms with gold anthers.  The photos pretty much do the talking here.  STUNNING!!  Often the leaf color also blends orange and gold for a killer rainbow effect!   There are few internet sources for this plant in the U.S.


Prefers full sun in mild climates and some shade in warmer areas with some humidity.  It thrives here in our mild, foggy coastal climate.  

Well drained soil.  Very drought tolerant when established but will also tolerate regular moisture as long as it has good drainage.

Hardy to about 25 degrees F.  Maybe a little colder if protected.  

USDA Zones 9b-13b

Pot size: 4 inch


Fascicularia bicolor. Gorgeous, rarely offered Bromeliad

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