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This beautiful Canary Island native , sometimes called Green Rose Succulent or Mountain Rose Succulent, is a fantastic addition to the rock garden or small ornamental planter.  This is a winter grower and is summer dormant.  In winter, the rosettes open wide,  resembling a little bouquet of flowers.  In summer, the rosettes close up, looking like a bouquet of small green rose buds.  A beautiful grower, forming a tight, mounded colony approx. 4 inches high by 6-8 inches wide.  


Full to part sun (part sun is best in hot climates)

Well-drained soil.  Occasional to regular water in Winter.  DRY, very infrequent, light water in summer.

Protect from frost or freeze.

USDA ZONES 10a-13b

Pot size: 2.5 inch


Greenovia dodrentalis- (Green Rose Succulent)

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