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A super cool monstrose form of Hylocereus!  Forms a very compact mound, approx. 6-8 inches high and wide.  Progressively produces new growth along each node of the previous growth. This growth habit, combined with the soft white spines, gives the plant an amazing bejeweled ribbon appearance that is fantastic!  Makes a great potted specimen or can be grown as an epiphyte.


Bright filtered light to shade

Rich, well-drained soil. Orchid mix or epiphyte mix works great.

Flush with water and let dry a bit in between waterings. Keep on the dry side and allow a rest in Winter.

Prefers temps. above 40 degrees F.  Will tolerate temps in the mid-upper 30s but may develope leaf spots at these temps.

Pot size: 2.5 inch


Hylocereus sp. f. monstrose

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