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Aloe 'Island Sunrise'- A new Steve Super Gardens introduction. This amazing Aloe grows to about  3-4  inches high by 5-6 inches wide. Dark glaucous blue-green leaves with glowing peach-orange and yellow marginal teeth.  The margins are a solid band, toward the center of the plant, and space out into beautiful flame-like teeth,  farther out on the leaves.  The color is absolutely unreal.  It looks like the margins are illuminated from within.  Like a brilliant island sunrise, over the dark ocean. This is a GORGEOUS one for the collector. Our supply is limited.


Full to part sun (part sun is best in hot climates)

well-drained soil and occasional water.

Protect from frost or freeze.

USDA ZONES 10a-13b

Pot size: 3.5 inch


Aloe hybrid 'Island Sunrise' . Steve Super Gardens exclusive.

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