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Oxalis palmifrons is a very unusual native of South Africa. Incredible flat, dense form. The leaves look like palm leaves and are arranged in somewhat of a spiral pattern, around the crown. The bulbs go completely dormant during the hot temps. of summer and reemerge in the late fall, when cool weather arrives. It is difficult to find this plant as an actual living, nice sized plant. They are usually sold as bulbs or seeds. Full to part sun and very well-drained soil, with extra sharp gravel or pumice. It does not like to sit in water. Keep the bulbs dry in summer, when the plant is dormant. Bulbs are hardy to approx. 10 degrees F., if planted deep enough in the ground. They will not tolerate freezing in a pot. If your winters are very cold, it is best to grow them in a pot, in high light, protected from freezing.

Full sun

Very well-drained soil 

Hardy to approx.  10-15 degrees F.

USDA Zones 7b-11b

Pot size: 4 inch



Oxalis palmifrons

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