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gorgeous Pelargonium with thick, sprawling stems that are swolen at the nodes. large, lush, deeply cut fern-like leaves that unfurl a bright green color and mature to emerald green. clusters of stunning flowers are held atop thin but sturdy stems. petals are chartreuse green with black-maroon centers. Flowers are very fragrant in the evening with a scent like banana taffy. This pelargonium will develope a very nice caudiciform base with age and works great as a potted, trained specimen.
When planted in the ground, it will make a thick, lush ground cover. Responds very well to hard pruning, to make it more compact, and quickly flushes back with thick foliage after trimmimg.
somewhat dormant in summer, especially in areas where temps. are warm. Lush, heavy growth is fall-spring.


Full to part sun, well-drained soil and occasional water.
Hardy to approx 20-25 degrees. USDA Zones 8b-13b

Pot size: 3.5 inch. SHIPPED IN THE POT

Pelargonium rutaceum. Amazing black flowers. Fragrant!