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Puya alpestris - This INCREDIBLE hardy bromeliad relative is native to the high slopes of the Andes of Southern Chile.  Produces a 4-5 foot tall by 2-3 foot wide rosette of light green, recurved, marginal-spined leaves that are silver-gray and striped beneath.  In the spring 4-5 foot tall, branching spikes are produced with the most unbelievable dark, metalic turquoise blue-green flowers. A truely unique and incredible flower color.  This Puya grows in a climate with mild, dry summers and mild wet winters.  It may struggle in climates that are very warm and wet/humid in the summer.  This plant does not make a good houseplant but can be grown outside in a large pot and moved to a protected spot in case of a hard freeze.


Not picky about soil but preferably well drained, not heavy clay.  

Prefers full sun.  

Very drought tolerant when established. Let soil dry somewhat between watering.   

Hardy to approx. 15-20 degrees F.

USDA Zones 8b-13b

Pot size: 1 gallon


Puya alpestris- Amazing dark blue-turquoise flowers

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