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Stapelia leendertziae-  A fantastic and hard to find Stapelia.  Grows 12-18 inches high, spreading to 30 inches with 4-lobed stems and spectacular purple-black flowers that swell like giant balloons before opening.  Unlike most Stapelia, leendertziae doesn't open completely up leaving a large, balloon-like base to the flower  with only the end of the blossom opening to a star shape approx. 3-4 inches across.  A truely unique, amazing and stinky (they are polinated by flies) blossom!! The are very much worth the smell of the blooms, which isn't very noticeable when grown outside.  makes a stunning potted specimen. A great one for the collector of unusual succulents!


 Full sun (In mild climates) to part shade with well drained soil and occasional irrigation.  

Hardy to approx 25 degrees F. USDA zones 9b-13b

pot size 4 inch


Rare- Stapelia leendertziae- Amazing flower color and form

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