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A gorgeous and rare form of Schlumbergera. NOTE: sale plants may or may not have buds/flowers, depending on the season. This amazing Schlumbergera hybrid has very unusual flowers! Pink and white with thin petals, the flowers look like a bright star or firework! The flowering is variable. It will produce flowers that are very short petaled, star-like, longer petaled (like in the photos) and sometimes an occasional regular pink and white Schlumbergera flower form. The Phylloclades are also variable, often mutating into forms that are very reminiscent of Schlumbergera 'Enigma' , often having two very different forms of Phylloclades on the same plant. Growth is very upright and not as pendulous as many Schlumbergera. An amazing and very unusual plant for the collector of rare holiday cacti! It is difficult to find these as rooted, potted plants.


Well drained soil and filtered light/ bright shade.

Should be protected from frost and grown as a houseplant in winter, in cold climates.

USDA Zones 11a-13b


Schlumbergera 'Starburst' (Christmas Cactus)

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