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Selenicereus pteranthus-  A stunning night bloomer, often called "Queen of the Night"..  Thin, wiry ribbed stems to at least 3 feet with radial spines on the areoles. Stems often develop segments that separate from the main plant and root very easily.  Can be used in a hanging basket or espaliered on a trellis or cascading over a wall.
Produces large (up to  a foot across) creamy white flowers with bronze and gold back petals. in late spring-summer.  The flowers open at night and are very fragrant. 


Prefers fertile, well drained soil mix (we use orchid mix, perlite and cacti mix).

Water when mix starts to dry

 Shade to part-sun.

Hardy to approx. 30 degrees F for a limited period of time and with good protection.  It prefers temps to stay in the low 40s.

USDA Zones 10b-13b


Selenicereus pteranthus (Queen of the Night)- Fragrant night blo

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