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This is a fantastic and uncommon variegated form of Tradescantia.  It grows 8-10 inches tall and produces  glossy leaves that are bright pink at the base fading to nearly pure white and dark green at the tipS.  The variegation can be more green on the leaf tips, as the plant matures and it gets later in the season.  A STUNNING plant in a shady area and It also stands out very well in the moonlight which makes it an excellent choice for the lunar garden.  Doesn't mind being cut back or mowed over, which will make it produce even more of the pink and white new growth and color.  Can be used as a fantastic house plant in colder areas or in a pot that can be moved in and out with the season.  


Hardy to approx. 25 degrees (which will kill it to the ground, but it will sprout back from underground runners)

USA zones 7-10.

Pot size: 4 inch


Tradescantia 'Blushing Bride'

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